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 The Legend of Battle Katz

The Era of BattleKatz began with the Fall of Planet Fellos


Planet Fellos was home to a civilization of Felines, however, these cats were not the typical house cat you and I know. 


These Felines known as Katz were able to build entire civilizations, paws and all; with immense strength and intelligence, Katz were a true success on their planet. However, nothing good lasts forever, planet Fellos had its issues. Katz that wanted to seize power for themselves began exploiting their technologies and cutting corners to increase their profits and power. 


This behavior eventually caught up with their home. Greed had consumed planet Fellos, to the point of no return. 

Civilizations turned on each other, Clans formed, Alliances were broken...It seemed as if nothing could be done to save Planet Fellos from its own inhabitants. 

From years of fires and falling civilizations, a resistance of Katz formed their own Alliance with one common goal, to save their Planet. Greed could no longer have a place on planet Fellos. 

The wisest of these Katz was dubbed as King Kat the leader of the Resistance. It was obvious to him and the resistance that in order to restore Fellos they must Fight for it. To demand order and unity would simply not be enough.

King Kat decided the only way to gain the respect of the other Katz not part of the resistance aka “The Wandering” was to show them the true might and conviction of the Resistance thus the BattleKatz Arena was born.


This would be a place where any of the Wandering could come and challenge other Katz for Power and Glory, but it was also the best way to recruit new members to the Resistance and weed out any that were not devoted to the cause. 

King Kat and the Original members of the Resistance have slowly been growing the coalition, but there will always be the wandering. 


Our Team

Marketing / Communications
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Kris King

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Artist / Developer
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Robbie White

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If you direct your attention to the bottom you will see that we've scrapped our initial Roadmap. 

We've done this with you all in mind because we truly want this project to succeed and to continually adapt. 

This space moves quickly, and even though our initial vision for this project was to be the FIRST Super Smash Brothers Type Game on SOL (before BitBrawl), we were under no delusion that we lacked the staff or resources to make that happen in a timely manner. 

We have seen this space move at blazing speeds and evolve along the way so we wanted to recenter our vision and focus, on the project. We didn't want to be yet another project making promises that took too long to accomplish or ended up being underwhelming. 

So we are giving up control and making this a TRUE community-driven project. We would love to realize our initial vision of the project, but if that's not what the community wants then that's not where the project will be headed, we have a full breakdown in our discord as to how the funds will be structured for the community.


We are fully aware of the importance of community and we believe that it is more important now than ever to make our members feel like they have a say in the projects that they invest in.  

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Wen Mint?


How much Mint?

0.4 Sol , but make sure you have at least .45

What are your plans with this project?

We want to let our community decide that, we originally wanted to make a Smash Brothers P2E game, but we are currently too small of a team and lack the resources. We've kept a close eye on the Ecosystem as it has rapidly evolved and we don't want to be one of those other projects that promise a game and take a year to produce it. We wanted to focus on our community and their desires first, because this space rapidily changes and our fellow Katz may not even want a game once the development begins.

With our community in the fore front of minds we want to operate in the direction of the community's request. We will be accomplish this by allocating a significant amount of our royalties (50%) to fund our projects future.

You say you want to focus on Community. Can you elaborate?

It's no secret that Noot Noots are one of the most ground shaking projects on Sol right now. Their community is Electric and we believe it's their biggest success. We want to create a community based project, where people feel that they can really make it their own. Everyone is chasing the hype wave mints and we want to recenter and focus on building a real community.

We've added 16 1/1 Katz into the Project that will be Faction Leaders for the Two Main Factions of our project, The Resistance and The Wandering. Although these two are our Main Factions, according to our lore, we want to encourage our community to build their own sub factions and maybe even come up with their own lore.

We would love to see where this story can go, but we cannot do that without our main ingredient.... You.



We hope you're interested in developing and growing this community with us, feel free to follow us on Twitter or Join our Discord (links below).

Whether you want to become a part of the resistance, or slick around with the wandering, we want you. 

We hope the Aristocats were right when they said everybody wants to be a Kat. 

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